You Say Poetry Is Obsolete Poem by Rod M.Peters

You Say Poetry Is Obsolete

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You say Poetry is obsolete,
The idle occupation
Of decadent bourgeoisie,
Hoping to pass for wise and clever
Parroting lines and thoughts
They only half understand at best.
That I should follow your example
And care only to live the good life:
Eat, drink and make merry
And leave books to themselves
Since anyway, they end up being
Merely a tasty morsel
For many an illiterate worm.

I say if you strip your life,
Good or otherwise,
Of all the fluffy padding,
You should get a good poem.
If you don't, then there's nothing there
To begin with: no elusive core
Beneath endless layers of onion skin.
You peel them all off, shed a tear or two,
Laugh a hearty laugh, dance a little dance,
And then one day you die
No wiser than before, to end up
Merely another tasty morsel
For many a clever worm.

Friday, July 28, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: poetry
Sandra Feldman 28 July 2017

Better to have lived in a poetic stupor Than never to have lived at all, Poems open unto feelings, The most unexpected door. And so does your poem, well done

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Rod Mendieta 30 July 2017

And your poem is great: love it! If we don't quite get to see the poetical behind life's little happenings then we end up living dreary, colourless lives.

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Rod M.Peters

Rod M.Peters

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