You Shattered My Sky Like Glass Poem by Thomas McKelvey

You Shattered My Sky Like Glass

Rating: 5.0

I used to dream,
nightmares in the night
about the world's end,
afraid that I would wake
and it would all be gone

Now I dream, just to see your face
and my nightmare is still the morning
knowing that when I wake,
you'll still be gone, yeah
that's my world's end

I wanted to follow you
but I can't chase the moon
into the sky
it's all of the bathroom mirrors
and bedroom windows and doorways in the hall
it's like you're watching me from just around the corner

I don't know what scares me more
not being able to recreate you
or having to create myself without you
trying just to get through the day
without the effort of getting out of bed making me fall apart

Now, it seems, it's storming every day
I couldn't take the rain without your thunder,
so I ran outside, crying, in my pajamas
stamping my bare feet into the wet earth
shouting back at the sky in rage and despair

Falling to my knees, in a torrent of your tears
I want to drown, filling myself with this ache
I want your lightning to strike me
scorching an image of my soul into the ground
like a morbid petrograph

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