You Showed Me The Colour Of My Soul Poem by Tina Rizk

You Showed Me The Colour Of My Soul

My love,

The light at the end of the tunnel looks bright
I've walked a long path of moonless nights
Carrying a candle of hope, lit by my soul
And whenever its light dims, God lit it brighter

We must all walk through
The darkness of the self
To make peace with our past
Bid farewell to our old self
And embrace our rebirth into light

Embrace the new beginnings that lie ahead
And the new people who will be part of our life
Such rebirth was necessary and I owe it to you
I owe you all my inner metamorphosis

You helped me align my destiny to my fate
And showed me the colour of my soul's face
I'm reborn baptised in the sea of your
Unconditional love and tenderness

With you sweet soulmate
I found my endless grace

Copyright ©️ Tina Rizk

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