You Take The Road To Heaven Poem by Francis Duggan

You Take The Road To Heaven

You take the road to heaven for me it's the road to hell
And if there's a life hereafter forever I will dwell
With Satan and his angels I mentioned the word if
Or at the onset of rigor mortis do the soul too go stiff? .

You take the road to heaven you are a man of prayer
But what happens to so called queue jumpers you do not seem to care
You want all asylum seekers to from where they came sent back
No matter what their circumstance or be they white, brown or black.

You take the road to heaven but when you reach heaven's gate
Old Peter your arrival he may not celebrate
He may say though you've prayed to God your life's record recall
That you were one who turned your back on a fair go for all.

And you will feel disappointed when he says you can't go through
I order you to limbo heaven is not for you
And when you say you're sorry he'll say sorry too late
You now must do your penance and for heaven you must wait.

You take the road to heaven I'm on the way to hell
For I have the big price to pay for penning doggerel
But when you reach the golden gates Peter won't leave you in
He'll order you to limbo for you're not free of sin.

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