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You Will Love, The Dead. - Poem by Samweli Butobi

A friend I loved
a friend I wanted
a friend I needed
a friend I adored
but she never believed

a friend I respected most
a friend I cared most
a friend I believed most
a friend I trusted most
a friend I wrote to most
she is now the one I ignore most.

a friend I most thought about
a friend I wished for the best.
I will always never know the best
a friend whio turned to be the beast
in all my love like a predator in forest

I was harmless to her like a dove
I wish I could live as brave as a lion
the girl I gave a valentine day to run.
See she is furious on me like eagle.
She is as crue as death, to my life
she is fierce to me as a grave
all I know, if you come back
you hate me, only you will love me
when Iam dead,

Comments about You Will Love, The Dead. by Samweli Butobi

  • (3/10/2009 8:59:00 AM)

    It is true that we never know what we have until we lose it. But just because she didn't want to be your love interest doesn't mean she hated you, it just means in her eyes you two were not right for each other as lovers. Friendship is one thing, but being lovers is entirely different. I get emails all the time from men outside the US telling me they love me, and they don't even know me.

    Love is an emotion that should never be lightly approached by anyone anywhere. Love deals with the heart, not the mind, and when a man wants a woman, he has to undertstand that she is not chattel, that she has feelings of her own, and belongs only to God and herself. If she gives her heart to a man, and then finds out he is nothing but a cheat and a violent ass, then she knows she has made a very terrible mistake, and tries to correct that mistake by leaving.

    Most men that do not live in the western world countries, have no idea how to even treat a woman, because they think that just because they are men, they can do whatever they want to anybody at anytime, and this is a wrong way of thinking.

    This poem actually made my blood boil, because the man in this poem assumes way too much. If I were the woman in this poem, what I would do first is, sit down with this man and explain my feelings, and if he still didn't get the message, I'd leave him sitting there scratching his ass.

    Men, as well as women, have to approach friendship (and love) with caution. When one feels the other isn't there as a friend, it is time to leave. When one or the other feels that there is no more love between the two, it is time to part company.

    Those of us who were fortunate enough to be born in the 'free' world, have long accepted these principles as a way of life, and take nothing for granted. The divorce rate in western countries is very, very high, because of the reasons I said.

    This poem assumes way too much on the part of the man, who is thinkng that just because she is a woman that she has to submit to his wants, whether she wants them or not, and that is not the way it is, except only in the third world, which even there it is a wrong way to think.

    I think you can guess that I did not like this poem, even though it is written very well. But it assumes way too much.

    Love & hugs,
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  • (3/9/2009 10:55:00 AM)

    poginant, true love and its value is known only when the source is no more (Report) Reply

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