Samweli Butobi

Rookie (Mwanza Tanzania)

Samweli Butobi Poems

1. There Was Peace 1/30/2009
2. The Evils Of The Innocent 1/31/2009
3. Deep In The Soul Or At The Bank Of The Mouth 3/23/2009
4. Feeling It In Morning 1/1/2012
5. The Poem From Mama 1/1/2012
6. My Vicky 3/18/2009
7. Mama A Dream I Live With 1/1/2012
8. Your Beauty. 2/2/2009
9. You Will Love, The Dead. 3/9/2009
10. The Mid Night Dream 1/29/2009
11. Only For You, Just Come 3/16/2009
12. Tell Me 3/16/2009
13. Oppression 3/16/2009
14. Together With You 3/23/2009
15. The Lost Dream 1/27/2009
16. If You Die 3/9/2009
Best Poem of Samweli Butobi

If You Die

When tired of being into trouble,
I cry to my bitter end,
trying to figure my hopeless end,
the journey to my ready prepared land.
With no love I prepare for the waiting end,
with no desire, to leave my beloved on the land
eagerly with courage I see the coming of my end,
I despare to my world of laziness to its bitter end,
I have no brother, no sister on this lovely land,

my lazy world now a shame to the young tomorrow
The land with no peace, no love, no hope for tomorrow
The land of sad life pains and, yes only sorrow
my age has come to die, here...

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Your Beauty.

see how good lookinng you are
the world rejoice to the beauty you are
God created you, yes He did you.

Have you seen some one like you?
No you never seen, the unique you are.
your beauty is a trouble, be aware.

see how these people look at you

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