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When tired of being into trouble,
I cry to my bitter end,
trying to figure my hopeless end,
the journey to my ready prepared land.

Baby, you left to another person
since then Iam depressed
Nothing you were, but everything
now Iam lonely and devastated

You are so good to me
you are imparactive to me
I appriciate all your concerns t o me

If we get what we love,
can`t we be human when we have
men have power possession
not necessary others to have the portion

you filled preasure in me
like no other you satisfied me
you are outside and inside of me

before you meet and tell me
how will I know you about me
how will I enjoy your company
how can I find out, a person you are

All I can feel is love in you
In moments with you
the mid night laughs we share

see how good lookinng you are
the world rejoice to the beauty you are
God created you, yes He did you.

in each morning there is a smile
in each mama there there is love
to hold it boldly and tightly
so sweet, so deep in my heart

A friend I loved
a friend I wanted
a friend I needed
a friend I adored

The most done highly esteemed
with orgin in a mate very hambled
love made of soft elements
greatly in wemotions and passionate

When my lone days ended, painful days came
A day I can’t remember, I cried to feel home
Not a dream I may dream to tell
For a place worm and safe, am always kept

Mama everything you did I call
The poems from mama
The echo of the sound of the poems
Their rhythmic sound, in my ears, unspeakable

When life of peace was there
My neighbour gave me a story book
reminding me to read it, that book
Narreting how old people lived peaceful.

The dropped in a time of a limited place
To a place with neither love nor grace
During a limited time for a living chance
In a poorly living condition places

Believes are correct,
believes are died wrong
rehearsing the failure in my mind
believes truely never make the real

Samweli Butobi Biography

Currently a student at the universty of Dodoma,
in college of Education,
interested in reading different creative fiction and non fiction writings.
I will read any thing a person recommends

Not experienced in the field of poems but reading more about love and social relationship
I would take advices from my poetess friend s for ther improvement of my creative work.

The Best Poem Of Samweli Butobi

If You Die

When tired of being into trouble,
I cry to my bitter end,
trying to figure my hopeless end,
the journey to my ready prepared land.
With no love I prepare for the waiting end,
with no desire, to leave my beloved on the land
eagerly with courage I see the coming of my end,
I despare to my world of laziness to its bitter end,
I have no brother, no sister on this lovely land,

my lazy world now a shame to the young tomorrow
The land with no peace, no love, no hope for tomorrow
The land of sad life pains and, yes only sorrow
my age has come to die, here this for tomorrow

Do your best when young and strive for being honoured,
When you die dont die while you despare of your life
let them learn the best of you.
die not like a castrated pig with no that piglet
how proud, when you die the great.
What is of you, that we thank you, and call the great.
No don`t be lazy, the lazy,
when you die celebrate, to escape the title The lazy
achieve the best before you despare your life
let the young learn from you
that is why, you need to die a great

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Rajendran Muthiah 01 January 2012

Mama is a dream we ought to live with. A poem that appeals to heart.

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Dickson Mseti 16 May 2010

oyaa komaa kisela na sisi tutangaze ushairi wetu. Najisikia raha sana kuona wabongo tukiwa pamoja. karibuni kusoma mashairi yangu.

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