Justin Reamer

Freshman - 967 Points (2 October 1993 / Holland, Michigan)

Your Heart - Poem by Justin Reamer

Loving you is something I hold dear,
For I love being with you,
And I love holding you tight,
For you are great,
And you are the greatest gift
A man could ever ask for.

When I see you,
You make me smile,
For my heart beats inside my chest,
At an interminable rate,
And I involuntarily smile,
For my veins feel great,
And dopamine runs through my system,
For it gives me the feeling of love,
And when I see you,
My heart skips a beat,
And butterflies flutter in my stomach,
And I sigh at the romantic thoughts
That come into my head.

I believe you are special,
As I have said so many times before,
And God wants us to be together,
For He has etched our hearts
With the hands of a cherub,
So that we would be together,
As He wanted us to be,
So we will be together
For the rest of our lives
On this Earth,
Until the day we die,
In which we would be together in heaven.

Yet, I want to let you know
Is that I want nothing more from you
Than for you to be happy,
And I want your heart,
Which makes me happy,
For knowing that you love me makes
Me happy,
And all I ever want to do
Is do things that would make you happy.
I do not love you for your body,
Even though you have a remarkable figure,
And you are gorgeous through and through,
A natural-born beauty,
To be exact,
And I do not want your money
(Although you have none) ,
And I do not want to have sex with you,
(Even though I might if we ever marry) ,
But what I want is to love
And to be loved
And to make sure that your
Happiness is secure.
For that is what I want.

Your heart is what matters most to me,
For it holds every emotion you feel,
Is the bearing of the soul,
Contains your every ounce of love,
And I want you to be happy,
For that would continue the endless
Fountain of love that springs
From your soul and into your heart
And toward other people.
I want you to be happy,
And I love you more than anything,
And I want you to have a heart of gold,
And if you give it to me,
I promise I will protect it,
For I would never let harm come its way,
And I will always be there when you
Need me,
For I love you that much,
For I am unconditionally and
Irrevocably in love with you,
And I will love you till the end of my days.

You are the greatest thing in this world,
And no one is more beautiful,
More temperate,
More coquettish,
More gallant,
More graceful,
More dove-like,
More mirthful,
More youthful,
And more vivacious
Than you are.
This is why I love you.
I will be there,
And I will love you until
The end of my days,
For you are the greatest thing
That I could ever ask for.
I love you,
And that is that.

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