Your Life Etched In Time Poem by Mike Tonkin

Your Life Etched In Time

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Before you there where women who delighted,
But when you came along you were
The only one, there were not enough
Stars in the sky

To light your passing. You walked with
Me for so short a time, and left me with
So many memories that I would need
A lifetime to remember..

Oh woman, my love, you had your life
Etched in time when I came surprising
You, and with little polish I entered your
Life and remained there.

When you smiled at me I was lost, Oh
That smile, and something happened to you,
You came into my arms and found that
I had captivated you.

So time became unimportant to us. We
Lived at our own pace savouring each
Moment as though it was the last, curled
Up in our love.

Sometimes in the darkness of the night
I swear at fate for taking you away
From me, and I wonder that you met
Death with such equanimity.

I even riled at you for leaving me here
And going into that unknown land alone.
I pray that it is a quiet place where
You can be content.

You gave me everything that I could have
Wanted and I wanted to give you what I
Had. Sleep deeply in the still eons.
You are mine forever

Maryam S 01 October 2007

wow..tht was a most beautiful deep and profound in feelings. each heartbeat of memory ingrained in each line.

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Lynda Robson 01 October 2007

A beautifully poignant piece, remembering your loved one and saying that even death has not really parted you, best wishes Lynda xx

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Mike Tonkin

Mike Tonkin

Truro, England
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