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A look. Two eyes
Filled with yearning.
A look. Two eyes
Gently burning

On 21st of October 1966 a tip of coal slurry slid
Into the village of Aberfan and 144 people were
Of these 116 were children who were buried

Nineteen hundred and fifty,
There were a lot of girls
Out on the town then,
I was seventeen and

The moor is at it’s best
In autumn, with the air
Full of moisture, the place
Closed in

I had a stroke,
One minute I was
Michael J Tonkin,
The next I was

That heat drenched summer
Long passed now,
That summer
How we loved lying on the lazy sand.

I remember you,
Oh yes, I remember you
You had on a

Before you there where women who delighted,
But when you came along you were
The only one, there were not enough
Stars in the sky

Who is this woman
Who came into my life
Eons ago,

I was suddenly aware
of a new voice
speaking to me.
The voice of a poet

She walked away from me
Not looking at me
Taking no notice of me
Glad to be leaving, .

I saw it first
When I was five,
It was small,
So small

There is always a moment
Just before you sleep
When you feel a tremor
In your heart.

Why do I love you
It seems easy to explain,
But it is not.

I wonder sometimes
If life Is worth living.
I feel drained
With hardly any

Wallowing in memories
Memories of childhood.
Places and times
Of no importance to

Gods away.
No. sorry
Don't know when he'll be back.
A war.


My private moments
Have been invaded..
She went
where nobody else

The tide was half in,
and we were cut off,
cut off from everywhere
my mother and I.

I ask
Of you,
I hear them

Mike Tonkin Biography

I am 74, and in 1998 had a stroke and my right side is paralysed. I lived in Cornwall, England until I was nineteen then I went to London and trained to be a Dentist, I then worked in London for thirty years before retiring and returning to Cornwall. My poetry is mainly about the things that I experienced and I am writing it to let people know that there can be a good life after a stroke. Some verse was written in the sixties, the rest in the last seven years.)

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A Look, Two Eyes

A look. Two eyes
Filled with yearning.
A look. Two eyes
Gently burning
Into mine.
Such warmth,
Such tenderness
Was in those eyes,
it was as if the trembling sky
Looked on me.
A look. Two eyes
Searching and discerning in mine
A gaze returning, the tenderness
And lit with such intensity
As to make her tremble like the sky.
A look. Two eyes.
Holding my world,
Causing me to unfold
From within myself
And pour out through my eyes
My love for her.

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Howard Tresidder Tonkin 24 September 2016

Dear Mike I live in Kennall Vale and love your poem. I am also a Tonkin and interested in your connection to the place. If you get this message then please drop me a line on tonkinhoward@gmail.com. Thanks Howard

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