Your Very Own With God Poem by Jocelyn Dunbar

Your Very Own With God

When Jesus Christ died and rose again
Billions and millions of years ago,
He changed everything,
Including; me and you,
When the day you accept and invite him,
The moment you humble yourself,
The tall wall breaks into pieces,
Becomes salvation redeemed by his blood,
The revival was open to those who were backsliding.

Prayer prayerfully is the foundation of a strong connection with him,
When you cling to him, everything turns into reality.
It is the foundation of faith.
You can see things; you can't see before
And your mind's eye is opened,
You can hear the whisper of God that you do not hear before.

Personification means;
Personal relationship, personal reading of his words,
Personal application, personal experience, personal praises,
And a personal appointment.
It is a date with him,
In meditation with him.
It is your very personal adherence to him.
He is the light and truth
Let him guide you.

These personifications will attribute
To your silent solitude
Prayer is the essence of your existence
And the connection with God.
Your real journey begins.
He will give you success
In every battle you may encounter;
He will look to you with favor,
And he will love and support you.

The blessing runs like a waterfall
Never run dries;
Be bold in faith,
Be like Jesus,
And take the chance to be courageous,
Strong, and try new things
Trusting in God is wonderful.

God is working out,
Someday, somehow;

Follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit.
Step out; open your heart and open arms
To receive him today,
He will never disappoint you.

May this day bring you favor with him.
He is just a prayer away.

© Jocelyn Dunbar
4 June 2020
11: 48 AM

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Jocelyn Dunbar

Jocelyn Dunbar

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