Jocelyn Sumido Dunbar Poems

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Woman Of God

A woman of strong faith
Never been shaken by anything
Whatever comes around in life.

My Freedom

My freedom of soul moving, fly to the air,
Sound mind, ease thoughts.

My freedom of body to move

Words Of Hope

Hope to hold on,
Hope to believe in,
Hope to faith,
Hope to trust,

Woman Of Substance

She got a good character of being a woman.
She has a strong personality that distinguish
The vital principle of being individual.
The simplicity and beauty she had

Mother's Prayer

My mind talking to you God, my tears running down,
Emotion crying to the deep of my emotion.
My concern, my children.

Love Letter To Jesus (My Savior)

I found myself in your care on the day of my lost, uncertainties,
Sorrows, struggles, difficulties, and hurts. You comforted me
And listened to every words I say. You gave your time to me.
You knew the sincerity of my heart. You gave me courage to

Love Reunited

A long journey passing in this two love individual,
The essence that has been gone for a long time to
Be with someone who truly loves.


The basis upon which something stand being true individual,
An independent part of a person substance personality
Relation head mark by integrity. The total reverence of inward
And outward of a person, free from deception.

Spirit Of God

Awesome in the wholesome of the spirit in beauty,
Beauty that can not describe in many words.

The blue skies, flowers bloom in seasons,

I Miss You

My inward expression condition of my emotion
Sensational perceive by thoughts,
The general consciousness of my being,
Time moves smoothly, circulate into emotion