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A woman of strong faith
Never been shaken by anything
Whatever comes around in life.
A woman of courage,

My mind talking to you God, my tears running down,
Emotion crying to the deep of my emotion
My concern is my children.

Hope to hold on,
Hope to believe in,
Hope to faith,
Hope to trust,

She got a good character of being a woman.
She has a strong personality that distinguishes
The vital principle of being individual.
The simplicity and beauty she had

My freedom of soul-moving, fly to the air,
Sound mind, ease thoughts.

My freedom of body to move

I found myself in your care on the day of my loss, uncertainties,
Sorrows, struggles, difficulties, and hurts. You comforted me
And you listened to every word I said. You gave your time to me.
You knew the sincerity of my heart. You gave me the courage to

A long journey passed in these two loved individuals,
The essence that has been gone for a long time to
Be with someone who truly loves.

The basis upon which something stands being honest individual,
Made up an independent part of a person substance personality
Building an action of relation head mark by integrity.

The awesome in the wholesome of the spirit in beauty,
Beauty that can not describe in many words.

The blue skies; flowers bloom in seasons,

Whatever you're undertaking or whatever
You have been trap by,
You can use this as a step to climb.
Use your freedom and free will to do things

The corrupt society, to their position, they are
Trained to be greedy, lead weakened the injured person
Into a trap, their hearts have to be selfish.
They use their position and power out of the untrue statement.

Love goes on to the heart of someone
Whispering the voice from within, watching the
Reflection of the memories, to the deep sense of feeling.

The inward expression condition of my emotion
Sensational perceive by thoughts,
The general consciousness of my being,
Time moves smoothly, circulate into emotion

Hymn praises coming to my mind,
Adoration, worship, fellow-shipping, prayers,
Honor to you God.


Different people, views, perspectives,
Belief and faith. We cannot choose the lives that

The strength of the mind brings an aspect of life.
Joy is the essence of the completeness of happiness.
The confidence is inside; it is within.
Action has proven when we achieve what we deserve.

The beauty of your wholeness pure and love
The power that comes to you is full of life, brilliant
And bright. Your image shine in my soul link
To my whole being abiding in you. Beauty is life

In hard times; painted of hurt,
The frustration of life, discouraging
Experience and people around,
Life with full of adversity, struggles

You came into my life a wonderful gift
From above, I feel you beating inside
My body, what wonder the power of
God! God grant you to come into my life

The essential character of a person,
Personal distinct affection of feeling,
Characteristic of mind, thoughts
Directive upon action opposed to the

Jocelyn Dunbar Biography

I wrote poems when I was 15 years old. My experience motivates me to put it in words. The pain and sorrow, the hurt of every circumstance, and the adversity in all different stages of life. The people in my journey brought troubles and difficulties and inspiration. What amazing God! He permits all of these things to my life, makes me understand the deepest meaning of life, and shows himself (God Almighty) how to make things possible in his hand. There is no such thing that we can not do in the mid of a despairing soul. Every trial and suffering that I've been through is a factor in who I am now. Every unrighteousness that I've done in the past is already paid by the blood of Jesus Christ on the cross. Every mistake in life is a step for me to climb. God makes a way he makes things beautiful. With my strong faith in him behind life experience, God is always at my side to lead me. We must be open and observe what kind of life we want to be so that we can determine our actions and concern. I Hope this composition of mine will help you in your journey as you travel in life.)

The Best Poem Of Jocelyn Dunbar

A Woman Of God

A woman of strong faith
Never been shaken by anything
Whatever comes around in life.
A woman of courage,
She moves and goes despite
Difficulties make things
Possible confidently.

A woman of talent, unique to
Express herself productively,
happy and aware in the way
She will work out.

A woman of knowledge,
Knowledge comes from experience
Of life that produces wisdom in
Moral and spiritual value.

A woman of intuition, to stand
the ground to be able to work
in a proper right direction
journey of life.

A woman of discipline, feed her
Emotion to behave, to speak her
Mind in a manner way.

A woman of intellect, nurture her
Children and spouse to pamper her
Family to love, and affection she gives
Ear to listen, to be modest in the
The way they will go, to live in God in faith
To make life easier and simpler.

A woman of prayer, all things in life
She committed in silent prayer,
To be humble in the sight of God,
To listen to the words and commands,
To fear God, to love God to be the
Centre of her life.

A woman of strength relying on God,
Seeking his grace. Mercy he endures
To a woman of faith in God
Alone, long way.

A woman of God speak in wisdom, has
Special attention in the eyes of
God, secure on earth and in heaven place.

© Jocelyn Dunbar
14 May 2006
7: 23 AM

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Jocelyn Dunbar Popularity

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