Your Words Stir Me Poem by Patti Masterman

Your Words Stir Me

Rating: 5.0

Your words stir me
Like no others;
A breath of springtime
At the door

After the dry hearth
Of winter
Has frozen all
My bloodless fires.

Your gentle words
So soft, so low
A single syllable
Thaws the lock

As potent as any
Seed ever born;
My gentle harbinger
Of desire.

I'd pursue you
Through deathless winters;
Give you this old heart
So withered and torn

My hope is tireless
With you before me:
Something beautiful's
Being born.

bye bye... bye bye 27 January 2010

Something beautiful's always being born inside of me when I read your poems, Patti...

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 20 January 2010

Patti...your words do stir me! Excellent write...and nice to see you online! Hope all is well in your world. F j R 2010

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Carol Gall 25 January 2010

patti this is beautiful

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John Knight 26 January 2010

Patti - This is too beautiful for me to analyse in mere words - but - because YOUR WORDS STIR ME - I will try. I score it TEN for all the right reasons. Structure - six shimmering quatrains - rhyme (superfluous) - rhythm (bursting) - content (Plien de Coeur) .V 1 We can be stired by words Angel - but only when they come from the Heart. 'A breath of springtime'. V 2 A Winter of discontent perhaps? A Winter of frozen bloodless fire? V 3 Heart words are always gentle Patti 'Soft - low - lock thawing'. Gentle words can melt the heart and kick start the libido! ! . V 4 Heart words are always 'Harbingers of Desire' and when they fall on our lovelorn ear we should hark to the call and PURSUE (V 5) . And when you reach the voice always surrender your 'Old withered and torn heart' - AWESOME. V 6 This is the perfect poetic denoument 'My hope is tireless - with you before me - something beautiful - is being born' - YES YES YES. Never sucomb to Winter's blast Patti - there is always someone with just the word we need to thaw the lock and open the door of our heart. Thanks for sharing. Love you in Poetry - JOHN X

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Georgios Venetopoulos 24 December 2016

Your gentle words So soft, so low A single syllable Thaws the lock Some poets love forever. I like it!

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Smoky Hoss 25 April 2014

Words, perhaps the only things of this life we will ever take with us into the next... beautiful poem Patti.

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Johnathan Juarez 15 May 2012

lucky u for whoever that is

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Adeline Foster 18 January 2012

Another good one. Read mine - Frost Flowers - Adeline

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sounds, woderfilled to me, somthing deep down inside is growing. one of lifes beautiful moments

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