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The Art of Love is not to be confused with the Act of Making Love.
The latter can sometimes be merely physical (especially for men)
the former is Spiritual and involves the Heart the Mind and the Spirit.

How much do i appreciate you - My Special Lady?
Let me count the ways the whys and the wherefores.

My April Love is always in my heart
My April Love from me will ne'er depart.
She always brings the 'Joy of Spring' to me,
My April Love forever mine will be!

O Mighty God - when I observe the wonder
Of Nature's wealth created by your power
I see the clouds - the lightning and the thunder
Ensuing storm and sweet refreshing shower.

This poem is written in a classical form - OTTAVA RIMA. There are eight iambic lines. In this poem I have used iambic pentameter - ten syllables per line. There is a very strict rhyming pattern giving the poem vibrance and flow. a b a b a b c c then d e d e d e f f etc.

I see trees of green and red roses bloom
The air is so fresh and the sky is so blue

Jesus Bar-Joseph - itinerant preacher
From Nazareth - a Master Carpenter.
When he was about thirty he left his job
Selected a mixed group of companions

In the silence of the night
I will come to you
In the silence of the night
I will lie with you

Sisters - look gently into the mirror
You are glorious - Oh yes we can see
Your complexions are so so beautiful
Your eyes are the windows of your souls

Angels of high order
Are called the SERAPHIM
They daily discourse with the Lord
And daily in complete accord

I thought about you today
I thought about your lovely smile
I thought about the fragrance that surrounds you
I thought about the softness of your skin

How much I love and care for you
I watched over you all through today
And all the day before too

Almost Heaven a solo harp al fresco!
Britten and Handel and Hildreth the Clocks,
Timperley's Clock Museum in Colchester.
Lucy Waterford harpiste extraordinaire,

This poem is dedicated to all Parents and Potential Parents. It is written as 'Blank Verse' in pseudo Sonnet Form. Forteen lines - each an iambic hexameter (12 syllables to each line) divided into Eight Lines of statement - and an aswering Six Lines. There is no RHYME.

All Ladies are not priviledged to be Mothers
All Men are not chosen to be Fathers.

You touch my finger tips and my heart is a glow
Your lips caress my lips - and makes our love flow.
Touch is a wonderful outpouring of love
Like the rest of our senses a gift from above.

This poem is dedicated to Olfa Drid - who explores the beauty of Intellectual Love in many of her Poems.

The garnet is a complicated and lesser known gemstone. There is a Family of Garnets (seven major classifications) and they are all very hard glassy silicates. They contain a variety of metals and have a wide colour range from black to colourless. Some rare forms of Garnet are more valuable than diamonds.

Garnet - crystal structure rhombic
Deep red - orange - yellow - purple

Because the sky is blue
I think of you. I think of you
Because the sky is blue.

One of the most versatile substances on Earth,
Why do we always take glass for granted?
A wine bottle, a pickle jar, a cheap vase,
A window pane, all disposable and recyclable.

Russian Haiku resists definition - it defies geography and structure. Bound only by its language and the internet - it finds ways to mix Russian literary tradition with Japanese style and Western logic. It is in its infancy and has yet to establish a boundary between real and imagined - self and the world. Everything is possible in this virtual thought environment. In the late ninteen nineties the Japanese Embassy in Moscow sponsored the first Russian Haiku Contest and recieved ten thousand entries. Haiku is alive and well in Russia. Personally I find there is a gentle and ephemeral quality about the Russian Haikus. Some items - transalted into English - are shown below. It would be nice if Russian members of the PH family could comment and provide some examples of their own.

train starting off
the silent rise of

A loaf of bread - my good friend said
Is what we chiefly need
A glass of wine a wedge of cheese
Is very good indeed

John Knight Biography

Hi All My name is John Knight I was born in Liverpool - The City of Culture in 1933. We have many fine Poets like Roger McGough and Mucisians like the Beatles and the Liverpool Philharmonic. It was great City to be brought up in. 'Scoucers' are very articulate and we have produced the best comedian in the World - Ken Dodd still going strong at 80! I am a Research Scientist - Biochemistry and a Lecturer. I have three children and eight grandchildren. I am interested in Art, Music, Poetry and Languages and Foreign Travel. I am interetsed in Science Fiction and the Spiritual Dimension.)

The Best Poem Of John Knight

The Art Of True Love

The Art of Love is not to be confused with the Act of Making Love.
The latter can sometimes be merely physical (especially for men)
the former is Spiritual and involves the Heart the Mind and the Spirit.

To write about the Art of Love within
The compass of a poem short as this
We must define the boundaries of the theme
To rein it in within the 'Realms of Bliss'

The Art of Love is not the Act of Love
But attitude before the act takes place
The way in which relationships proceed
Sustained by love and joy and peace and grace.

The act of love is physical - especially
With certain breeds of unromantic men
The Art of Love is understood by ladies
Who appreciate its usage now and then!

The perfect Art of Love is gentle courtship
The pleasuring of the object of your love
The Art of Love is caring and carressing
The little things which loves assurance prove.

The Art of Love needs always to be studied
The ins and outs the wherefores and the whys
The act of love is natural - but needs to be subdued
Control of taste and touch - control of eyes.

The Art of Love has changed through generations
The Etiquette of Love - a dying art
The days of 'fans' and 'bilette doux' have passed
Today emails and texting play their part.

To learn the Art of Love is so essential
To oil the wheels of love as 'Boy meets Girl'
The Art of Love makes courtship much more gracious
Ameliorates the frantic Social Whirl.

The Art of Love asks all men to be Gentlemen
To show due deference to their Lady's charms
To coo and woo and buy them pretty presents
NOT like a Cave Man - grab them in their arms.

The Art of Love belongs to a byegone age when
Men were Men and Ladies were demure
Not drinking pints lager from the bottle
But gently sipping on a sweet liqueur!

The Art of Love is from a bygone age when
The Men would dress and preen before a date
And NOT wear tatty jeans - covered in baked beans
And never never ever turn up late!

The Art of Love is gentle the AOL is pure
The Art of Love to be preserved - deserves
It treats Ladies with respect and gives the Men
A chance to show their chivalry and reserve.

So if my fellow Men would wish sucess in love
To win the heart of whom is their desire
They must learn about their role - in the Art of Love
And ways of subjugating passion's fire.

And Ladies of PH who long for manly men
To woo them courteously with words and flowers
Remember you must be discrete and feminine
Turn up on time - don't make him wait for hours.

If only men would show the basic Art of Love
They manage to acquire for their Prom
The Girls would be delighted - The Boys would
All be Knighted with love exploding - like a BOMB

John Knight Comments

Anya Spackman 05 January 2014

In The Art of True Love, what please are Ladies of PH? I can't work out what PH is from the context. Anya

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Abhay Vignesh L 08 March 2011

Diverse themes you have selected...keep up the good work sir.....

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Bamisaye Adeniran 01 August 2009

Lovely write ups... keep the pen busy

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