Kevin Wang

Rookie (1994 / Lakewood)

'Yowling At Midnight' - Poem by Kevin Wang

i'd hear a cat yowling at the middle of night
nd see its eyes shine like beacons of the night
prowling through the grass like a lion
yet silent like an owl
nd graceful as the wind, landing on its four feet

yet what I see in my mind
tis but you pulling my hand
for more of that candy
and those beautiful brown eyes

but a shiver goes down my back
i'd rub my eyes
cuz, hey baby, I must be dreaming
I must be hallucinating
cuz that's the way it is
life has its ways of tricks at night and day
if u truly miss someone that you love or whatnot

nd yet what I still see
is that fine lady
that walks in my mind
shining below the big full moon

I must, just must
stay til midnight
to hear that yowl of the cat
nd i'll howl at the moon
then I can curl up
and sleep soundly again

until then
I have no sleep
nd dark circles would slowly creep 'round my eyes
like those little night crawlers
until my heart would throb like when I see you
until like when the way you look at me
I feel like i'm reborn that second
like my heart is melted
by that shining smile
til I get this jazzy feel once more
to dance down merrily down this
lonely night, lonely street

but for now
i'd just need to hear the cry through the winds
may it either be in the distant carried on by the howling winds
or nearby sounding so worried so hurt i'd hug u back
with words I cannot say
but describe

i'd hear this cry
every night
can u believe that
cuz could it be a sign
or just the night playing tricks with my senses, with my eyes
i'd hear the piano playing and the cat yowling
nd yet I still see the maiden that I love
but plz baby don't misuse my mind
this is a conundrum of an exotic lady
that I'd love to dance, hug, kiss with
of yet so pretty below this moonlight
a silhouette of cherry blossoms flowing every so gracefully
as silently as the footsteps are so soundingly put down
as gracefully as the cat prowling at midnight
as beautiful as the night sky
your just so mind blowing
I miss you so
this is a riddle, a question i'd love to solve
a challenge by mind, yet a loving person on the other
just so pulchritudinous, so ravishing, so gifted
so stunning, so lovely, so comely, so exquisite
so gorgeous, so bewitching, so capturing,
so enchanting, so enthralling, so entrancing,
so fascinating, so mesmeric, so cunning, so cute

just so
just so that you know
of that you are
many words of such beauty
to many to count
you might as well be a countess with the richness of words of beauty
that you are
this little kitten
this little kitten of mine
this little kitten I love forever

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, February 4, 2010

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