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Zz Meat Is A Group One Carcinogen, Reports The World Health Org. Belatedly - Poem by Saiom Shriver

Because of the power of the multi trillion dollar butcher industry, the World Health Organization is decades behind in reporting on studies which prove that all processed meats and red meat are group one carcinogens, in a class with alcohol, cigarettes etc. But this month it finally acted in a partial fashion. It has yet to act regarding cancers caused by chickens, turkeys and other birds nor has it warned about the correlations of fish consumption to cancer of the stomach, radiation poisoning, anaphylactic shock etc. Leukemia in chickens is deceptively callsed leukosis, but is transmitted to humans who eat chicken. Since Ronald Reagan doubled the speed of the slaughterhouse conveyor belts, it is very hard to see tumors in the whirring lines. Cancers the size of a grapefruit can be cut out and the rest of the cadaver approved. There is NO microscope inspection. The USDA has fought against any truly reliable Mad Cow testing. The USG has fought in the World Bank against the European Union ban on hormone laden American meat and dairy. The CDC and FDA have been virtually silent about dairy products and eggs and their correlation to reproductive cancers (breast, prostate, uterine, cervical, ovarian) .

Even so, federal agencies in the US continue to protect the meat industry. The CDC has done NO public service spots warning people about the hazards of animal and fish flesh and animal products. The USDA actively works against good health by continuing in various ways to subsidize the raising of animals for the slaughterhouse. The USDA, founded to end the heinous conditions of slaughterhouses as reported in The Jungle by Upton Sinclair, very shortly after became an agency for the promotion of meat. It has for over a century chosen the help a small private lobby rather than advance the health of Americans. The FDA has allowed toxic practices in meat processing such as biophages, irradiation of meat, additives which cause cancer such as sodium nitrate, heterocyclic amines, female hormones forced on captive animals, methylcholanthrene, malonaldehyde, insecticide residues.

In addition the EPA has not warned the public about cattle and sheep ranches as a major cause of global heating and freezing, both because of deforestation and methane issues.

Nor has the government done anything to end the vicious cruelty of factory farms.

National Public Radio with its 200 million dollar investment in the world's biggest murderburger chain, did a report on All Things Considered after the WHO press release, without mentioning at all the connection of meat to any of the number of diseases it causes.

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