Zzz 5. Bite My Apple Poem by Mason Maestro

Zzz 5. Bite My Apple

We have come, you and me, to your hometown in Hunan
Now at rest I can reflect and be grateful to be human
We’ve finished our home, all renovated and new
Our school is growing and the sky is so blue
Our life is truly blooming, and yet the best part has come
It happened unexpectedly, but now it is done
We were officially married in Changsha three days prior
The registry for the wedding for the coming hot summer fire
Along with this Valentine’s Day this is occasion for poem five
And possibly because my girl has achieved a license to drive

2010 has come for the west and now it’s the New Year for the east
We celebrate with your parents and every day they cook a feast
The weather is cold so we play mahjong all day at the table
It’s heated with a blanket with snacks all around and it is stable
We practice a secret called the law of attraction
We focus our minds positively with every action
I love my Jennifer so much and now I can call her my wife
God wants to bite my apple but I’ll defend it with a knife
I wouldn’t trade it for anything set at my front door
Because without this Cao Ju Zhi I would surely be poor

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