Zzz 4. From Sea To Sea Poem by Mason Maestro

Zzz 4. From Sea To Sea

It comes time for me to release this new poem for your collection
It is the fourth piece of poetry that I hope in your eyes will be perfection
It’s been two years since the time we first gazed in each other's eyes
Being with you everyday makes me realize how much time flies

We’ve developed more and more new personal words to share
Like ‘hey, bud’ / Spades – no! ’ / my caboodles (although they’re rare)
We love our Spades like no other dog, even though he’ll eat whatever
We should remember HE’LL EAT WHATEVER. But maybe that’s what makes him clever?

The Ritz-Carlton is behind us now, no more virus Mr. Lee as your big boss
I came so close to sending him to his car through the window with a toss
But this isn’t gonna be about the past or any matter that has no matter
This is all about you and me and Spades, even though I’ve gotten fatter

We may get a Volvo or a Volkswagen, but no BMW with onboard computer
That would be nice to have a car as an addition to our scooter
It is our dream to buy a home for us to move and live and be together
That time will come, I’ll be sure to promise. It’s all just timing like the weather

I left the important point till now because I do have a confession
The real reason I write this poem is to ask you my big question
I know how much it means to you to plan your life and make it great
I know I’m not the perfect man but I’ll do my best to be your mate

Jen, I’ll always love you for who you are, that is why I really want you
You have a mind that’s sharp, and your heart’s the same size of having two
You are the one that I have found after searching the world from sea to sea
It is time to ask you as I’m on my knee. Jennifer, will you marry me?

Brian Jani 15 May 2014

Mason What a fantastic poem

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