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Epigram For Wall Street - Poem by Edgar Allan Poe

I'll tell you a plan for gaining wealth,
Better than banking, trade or leases —
Take a bank note and fold it up,
And then you will find your money in creases!
This wonderful plan, without danger or loss,
Keeps your cash in your hands, where nothing can trouble it;
And every time that you fold it across,
'Tis as plain as the light of the day that you double it!

Comments about Epigram For Wall Street by Edgar Allan Poe

  • Gold Star - 57,324 Points Michael Walker (1/27/2020 6:11:00 PM)

    It did not occur to me until now that by folding a banknote in two, you can double your money. I must try it.
    A sparkling, witty poem.
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  • Gold Star - 12,481 Points Lungelo S Mbuyazi (11/30/2017 1:05:00 AM)

    Very nice poem. Like it (Report) Reply

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  • Gold Star - 5,515 Points Alina Kaikeyi (9/26/2017 11:29:00 AM)

    Keeps your cash in your hands, where nothing can trouble it;
    And every time that you fold it across,
    nicely penned.10
    (Report) Reply

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  • Veteran Poet - 1,383 Points Mark Otieno (8/22/2017 11:15:00 AM)

    haha! it's a nice poem (Report) Reply

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  • Gold Star - 222,047 Points Susan Williams (6/29/2017 4:15:00 PM)

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Well, tis good to learn something new everyday. I had no idea Poe could be so funny in an incisive way (Report) Reply

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  • Gold Star - 114,597 Points Richard Wlodarski (3/27/2017 6:04:00 AM)

    I agree with Sandra. I didn't know the lighter side of Poe. For him:

    In cold of night
    In basement home
    Sits his darker side
    Waiting for the light
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  • Freshman - 985 Points God's Love Adepoju (3/5/2017 8:03:00 PM)

    This is a nice poem. (Report) Reply

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  • Gold Star - 207,958 Points Sandra Feldman (7/15/2014 7:46:00 PM)

    A side of Poe,
    I did not know!

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  • Gold Star - 66,041 Points * Sunprincess * (7/15/2014 2:52:00 PM)

    ..............an epigram for wall street is a great title, for this simple and easy to understand way of doubling your money....... (Report) Reply

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  • Gold Star - 10,312 Points Captain Herbert Poetry (4/26/2014 1:15:00 PM)

    a different side of color on this poem.It is light but wonderful words (Report) Reply

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