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Birds that sing, me to sleep,

Waking up to see roses all around,

Those birds that roamed free,

Endless flights filled with glee,


The sky felt dense,

The mood it gave off,

Invisible feelings
The frozen river you can't see,

It flows through your eyes,

The sound that serves between them,

Skies that circle all over them,

The shape of Dreams
A dream can fulfill a wish,

In reality, it seems to be a glitch,

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Poetry and art, both are a medium of expression of oneself. History of both dated prehistoric times. Art, Pictures and symbols (representing poems) of ancient times are still available in pyramids, caves and monuments wild birds in captivity Both of these art forms have a connection with every society and culture since ages. But as the World is becoming a global village, these cultures are moving towards a common form of art that has a wide acceptability. Poem and art let your express your feelings in form of words and colours & lines. Most astonishing fact is that everyone interprets the work of art as per their understanding, beliefs and values. It is always a fun thing when you hear or listen to different prospective to your poem and art. Raven As I love nature therefore you will see most poetry about nature, flora and fauna. I love reading books, playing video games and watching movies but somehow I get some time for study and writing poems and drawings. https: //

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Valentine's Day

Birds that sing, me to sleep,

Waking up to see roses all around,

Chocolate hearts laying side by side,

Over those counter bestowed by presents,

Each wrapped in red,

Hearts covered for those we love,

These names written in our hearts,

Each spelled loud and clear,

By vocals they get heard,

Letters written for those who we care,

Quotes given to those who struggle,

Bite sized chocolate hearts eaten,

Shared and given to each,

Words we spoke,

To all those we love and care.

Valentine's day poem by Sarah Shahzad

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