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A friend is someone
You turn to

A friend is someone

A doctor, a hero
A mentor, a friend
A teacher who teaches
A fisherman who fishes

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I write from the heart.)

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Without Dreams

Athlete's wouldn't run
Teachers wouldn't teach

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Kara Wilkerson 21 January 2007

this poem is great it related to me KEEP writting and DONT stop

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This poet truly does write from the heart. Take the time to read her poems and you will understand.

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Destiny Kohler 16 December 2007

I thank you for that comment! I think that your poems are good also!

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Tony Fiona 11 June 2007

Strong gutwrenching powerful sensitive worth reading several times

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Aldo Kraas 25 February 2007

An excelent poet Very creative And talented She is giving a voice to the new reader She knows what is good poetry She already published her book of poetry in 1995

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Claire Jones 23 January 2007

Great poem, truthful, real, descriptive and it brings your thoughts back down to the bitterness of war instead of focusing on pride and who comes out best.

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