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Like the eyes of a warrior that shuts
for a while and rejoins the battle;

Like the wings of a bird that freezes

There is Water in hard Pulp,
There is Water in pure Milk;
There is Water in thick Tears,
There is Water in Blood too;

I unbuckle her jaded black Jacket.
And lift from drapes of crimson Velvet.
With Eyes of a watchful Guard on duty,
I ogle at this naked man-made beauty.

Looking at you, I remember the first time we met:
sometime in my first grade, when the page-thirsty
line was running wild with its black army, trying to
capture every length and breadth of the white land

O’ King, I proudly salute what thou hast built,
As a timeless monument of immense beauty
But I staunchly salute Not what thou hast built,
As the greatest monument of divine love.


God is
just an answer
for every question
That doesn't have an answer.

At the crossroads of hate and fear,
I met those whom no man held dear;
A Donkey, a Hippo, a Canetoad, a Viper,
All spoke a code, so hard to decipher.

The common volunteer among us
Who helms the digital eye
To capture the celebration
To mummify for our tomorrow.

Having adorned them with words before
I flung my pen to the sorority of clouds
and stood beneath for a repay in verse.

Bedspread like black waves,
awaits the kill tonight;

Pillows like puce slabs,

Tired of the mundane girls I see
Wanted someone of a different degree;
Atleast three horns she should have
With nose and tongue split in halve


O 'Wind- didst thou bring
the breath of those I miss?
O'Wind- wouldst thou say
If their breath is still happy and gay?

Like an infant gently handed
from one maiden to another,
slow and soft it descends,
soothing every eye that sees.

Softly burning sodium Lights,
ornately planted on muddy Streets
appeared like Candles on a Cake
and I wondered if

The angriest and the biggest zero
is stalked by another nine zeroes
and one-thirty five smaller zeroes
along fixed paths of, elliptical zeroes.

To travel with a friend is to travel on a cruise ship,
For there will be laughter, music, dance and wine;
Yet you still secretly check for life jackets and rafts,
And only sleep safe when your swimming is fine.

Staring at the River he wondered
how his unseen mother would look:
thin as in summer? or fat as in spring?
fair as in sunlight? or dark as in dusk?

Good will defeat Evil.
Every religion says.
In stories and myths,
Something unseen nowadays.

Coloured skins of Men
somersault and rejoice
in the dryer's tepid breeze
after sloughing sweats and sins

I thought of going back to the past,
To change a thing or two.
But then I may mess something else,
And what will my present then do?

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Pradeep Dhavakumar is a Software Professional from Chennai, India. All he tries in Poetry is to write one good poem in his lifetime. My poetry blog: http: //

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Like the eyes of a warrior that shuts
for a while and rejoins the battle;

Like the wings of a bird that freezes
for a minute and continues its flap;

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Melvina Germain 10 August 2006

Thanks for writing this poem Pradeep, I really enjoyed reading it. Melvina

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Kavitha Shivan 02 September 2005

Hi Pradeep, Read some of your poems. Just started. Thanks for the comment you left. Very encouraging really. I am a lazy poet if i am ever one... I like the titles you give your poems, makes the reader want to click and read. Good to be here... thanks. Kavitha Shivan.

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Sandra Osborne 28 February 2005

Wow, I'm from Alabama, graduated UNA, one brother from Alabam the other from Auburn. Have fun in T Town, love your work, and thank you for reading mine. Roll Tide Roll! , Sandra

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C. Warren 25 January 2005

I think you're a great poet, I was wondering if you could help me out, because I think I could learn alot from you.

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