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Inner Voice

the sound (confused thoughts) that concentrated inside me at a point, turned into noise (chaos)
suddenly the sound rubbed with my heart and i could hear my inner voice
when it flowed along the breeze (peace) it start forming the music
the music accummulated into heart resulting into a beautiful song of my life


The hunger that begins and just keeps rising
The euphoria after taking is just amazing

It is something you cannot define nor explain

Rain Give Me The Feeling

When the Rain is Falling
The Breeze is Moving

Birth (Motherhood)

a child born with closed eyes
it was a new beginning of my life

people think a child is born


The words are innocent but not the intention
The face is beautiful but not the heart
They are clean but not their souls
They bargain their soul for the highest price

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Cyndi Song 30 November 2007

This is a well written and also very true poem

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i loveeeeeeee writing poems, hope one day i shall publish my poems sucessfully

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