Addict Poem by Pradnya Pahurkar


The hunger that begins and just keeps rising
The euphoria after taking is just amazing

It is something you cannot define nor explain
It is like you are standing in the falling rain

By the time you realize of detachment from this world
Your eyesight becomes blurred

You take efforts in wrong direction
And blame others for their reactions

People around shout and yell at you
But you behave as the people around all are new

Now it’s like you don’t recognize anybody as you fulfilled all the criteria of an addict
But your loved ones lost all their patience and throw you out of their life by giving their verdict.

But life never loses hope like human
So God gives you a second chance in your life, the chapter of happiness and love to reopen.

(I wrote this poem on the lifestyle of people, they are so engrossed in their busy lifestyle in order to earn money and other comfort things, and after sometimes they become addicted to this lifestyle because of which they start losing their loved ones and the day comes and they lose everything. But God is great as he always gives us a chance to improve and make our life good and beautiful)

Jazib Kamalvi 05 February 2020

Write comment. Such a nice piece of work, Pradnya. Read my poem, Love and Iust. Thanks

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Shihabudheen K J 03 January 2011

Great.iam addicted to this poem.i read it 5 made it

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