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Dead of the night

Poem raises to the sky

Happiness, a collaboration
Sorrow, solitary confinement

Cut the branch

Every day I remind myself
To learn from every experience
And interaction
Some times I ignore

She put a dream catcher
In the bed room
It has a crocheted ring
And few feathers

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Shaded Version Of Light

Dead of the night

Poem raises to the sky

Cover of tree eases the path

You ask me often

How come my poems

Have darkness around?

Senses some times are so bright

Only darkness is visible

Rest is faded

While crossing the stream

Clothes are over waist

Water tickles privates

As depth recedes

All secrets are covered

Have you experienced

Whistle of the fox

Or silence of the lion

Just rabbit in the sky?

Darkness, a shaded

Version of light

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