Pratip Sen Gupta

Pratip Sen Gupta Poems

1. The Consequence Of Your Eyes 10/25/2007
2. Outside Your Door 11/17/2007
3. The Shrine 11/17/2007
4. Paradigms Of An Ocean 11/17/2007
5. When You Light The Lamp 11/17/2007
6. The Stare 1/7/2008
7. Subject To Your Eyes 1/8/2008
8. Fireflies 1/8/2008
9. In The Darkness Of The Lamp 1/8/2008
10. An Oar Too Far 1/8/2008
11. Staircase 1/8/2008
12. Banquet 10/25/2007
13. Stare 10/25/2007
14. Shades Of Brown 12/17/2011
15. Thirst Series Last Poem 5/31/2012
16. Wicked 5/31/2012
17. The Clenched Fist 8/11/2007
18. How Many Candles (In Remembrance Of Madhumita Shukla - Poet) 10/25/2007
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How Many Candles (In Remembrance Of Madhumita Shukla - Poet)

How many candles
Did they light for you
My friend
How many bouquets
How many teddy bears

Did children
Or their parents
Did teenage school kids
Did celebrities
Did activists
Hold vigils in your memory

Did they know that you
Once lived
Did they know you were killed

It was a lonely death
But perhaps it was a lonely life

No one noticed
For it was not your tragedy
That you died
It was your tragedy
That you were a poet

Rest in silence
My friend
The media will leave you alone
As they cover your ...

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The Clenched Fist

The cloud clenches a fist
And it rains
You are drenched
And the sari clings to you
Like a clenched fist

And moisture squeezes out
Of every pore
Until I can bear no more

Won't you come tonight
Drenched in sweat
And leave in the morning
Drenched in dew

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