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For the care
You rendered
Like a father or a mother,
Like the concern

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I Love You My Teacher

For the care
You rendered
Like a father or a mother,
Like the concern
you had for me
Like a gardener's
for the flower.

You loved me more,
More than a lover would
when a beloved is ugly
no more that pretty
like the day she met him.

But you did,
you loved me ever,
never saw me in the eyes
that others did,
you never made me feel
I am grown up.
And that I have a body
Bulging some where
with my youth
Curves some where
As I grew.

But you had always
A pair of loving eyes
that made me bath
with a sense of safe laps
like my mother's
You had those pair of eyes
that saw me through me,
my eyes, unaware that
I was no more a kid of ten,
I had no more a body of kid,
I had already been
A river of youth
Seeking a local sea
To jump into.

But you always had
The same eyes, and a look on
Never making me feel
Uneasy, naked with dresses on
A rarest of rare heart
And the purest of pure mind
I would ever have
I would ever live
I would ever love
And aloud I want to say
I love you.
I love you,
I love you, ,
my teacher
my gardener,
my lover,
my God,
And everything that I have,
I owe it to you,
My Master,
I love you
My dearest Sir
My teacher.

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Silver Bird 10 May 2023

Through sincere and emotive language, the poet expresses gratitude for the teacher's care, guidance, and unwavering love.

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Silver Bird 10 May 2023

'I Love You My Teacher' is a heartfelt and deeply appreciative poem that pays tribute to the significant role played by a beloved teacher in the speaker's life.

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 04 December 2020

Have you stopped writing dear..why not get into the sream once again?

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 30 October 2017

Wow Rani, you have made quite a unique debut attempt which is so beautifully penned. Wish you a long poetic life of success ahead.

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