Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar Prejudice Poems

Pride And Prejudice

Elizabeth, I fell in love with you,
Without seeing you in person.
Without being born in your days,
With a figure that I carved of you,


Prejudice is the cause
For the hatred and discriminate killings.
Prejudice is the same cause
For the passion and discriminate rsquings.

Love Has No Prejudice.

One is prejudiced against the other
Who is said to have such differences
In habits, custom and perception
As she, whom I love, seems to have from mine.

Animals Have No Prejudice

A horse does not find itself
Superior to a donkey.
A race horse finds not itself
Superior to a farm horse.

Relation Is A Prejudice

Entrust not a work to someone
Because he is your relation.
You’ll shy to bargain or argue
And he’ll capitalize on it.

The Prejudice Of Age

I don’t take as great my youngsters
Which they are though
As I took as great my elders
When I’d been young.

The Prejudice Counts

Had I not known that it was she
Who had been crowned Miss World,
Could I have given her that weight
That I had given? Prejudice counts.

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