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Still I remember

The way we

You called
been so long
for what
only God knows

I won't be afraid
to care, feel
and love.
To experience,

At times I wonder
How do I see?
A man - such wisdom
so I believe

Confuso e inseguro sin saber si vienes o vas.

Decisiones que difícil si te quedas o te vas.

Cats and dogs
pouring down
solace all around

Recuerdos de alegria
recuerdos de ilusion
que llegan de momento
sin aviso, sin razon.

Sol que alumbras
mis mananas,
rayos calidos
que abrazan.


for forgiveness
if you remember how to

Cultiva lo que sembrastes
en tu enfermo jardin
decepciones y mentiras
que han crecido al por mayor.

Santa Bárbara
Sublime protectora
No le concedas

All I want
esta Navidad,
es el verte…

Un hombre
responsable, trabajador, luchador, honesto, cariñoso, fiel, capaz.
Un hombre que viva cada día como si fuese el último.
que entregue su vida, su alma, su corazón, su todo a mí.

Me buscas lo se
Entre las líneas de un papel
Eres tu otra vez
Envuelto en mi red

Where are thou my love
when I've needed you the most?
Out there...somewhere
All alone


Aqui estoy
En ti soñando
Tu mirada

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“I owe much to my friends; but, all things considered, it strikes me that I owe even more to my enemies. The real person springs life under a sting even better than under a caress.“ “The true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his deception, the one who lies with sincerity.” 'It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for something you are not.” ANDRE GIDE Live, Love and Laugh like there's no tomorrow. Every day is another chance to become a better person. Make your dreams come true by being assertive, proactive, determined and honest. You're the only person holding you back from your dreams. I DARE YOU... TO DREAM!)

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Still I Remember

Still I remember

The way we
became one
in ecstasy

Still I remember

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Romeo Della Valle 01 November 2009

Princess, todos tus poemas son bellos con muchos sentimientos, pero me dado cuenta que quiero comentar y darles un rating, pero no puedo, espero que puedas ir a mi pagina y la mi poema titulado tambien RECUERDOS' y me dejas saber si te gustas, Love and Peace, Romeo

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Le Bon Simo 22 July 2009

nice poem 'is it me? ', honestly i didn't pay much attention to the poetic language more that i did to the idea beyond that, it captured me on a moment of solitude and played on that tune inside me while i was searching for some good poems to read, thanks for that poem, cheers.

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