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Suicide? Why?

Many think suicide is an easy way to get out situations. Actually, it starts a complication. Suicide thoughts starts off, then think you're too soft. Why commit suicide after all? When you could be with good people having a ball. You could think people all act the same, that they would not change. Truth is, everyone is not the same.
When I was mad, suicide thoughts came to mind, but later, I'll say I'm not gonna waste my time. Stress, Home, Work, and School are all reasons to want to commit suicide. Sometimes, you can talk to God or sometimes a trustworthy person to be a guide.
Many commit in jail, all because they do not want show a mate or relative they have fail. Making a positive impact or await trial, even though sometimes it takes a while.
Suicide? Why? You shouldn't even try. Young and old are all doing it, sometimes society is a reason for this. If you're thinking of suicide or hear people thinking about doing it, it's a thing of making people understand the aspect of it.
People are taking a stand to Suicide Awareness and Prevention. It's a shame, we as all races can't think of comprehensions. We could do more of preventing it, by trying to talk people out of it!

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