If You Love Me, Why Hurt Me? Poem by Princess Nicky

If You Love Me, Why Hurt Me?

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Ouch! Why are you dragging me by my hair? Now you are looking at me with a psycho glare. You used to be nice, fun and loving guy. When I look at you now, it makes me want to cry. I don't know what I did wrong or what I said. When I say one word you hit me on the head. I cooked, I cleaned, and been true. For some apparent reason, it's not enough for you. You have slapped me, raped me, and called me a b****. Then later said I will be later sleeping with a fish.
I stuck with him through thick and then, yet I felt we will be soon go back to where we begin. Then the apologizing begin.
I can't look at men and I can't go out. If I disobeyed, he would hit me so hard, I'll black out. He checked my phone and won't let me go out with friends. If I disobeyed, he would threaten them again.
I try to leave, again and again. Later, I get caught in the end.
He pushed me into walls and broke my jaw. Trust me, that's not even all. He punched me in the eye and broke my leg, and later he twisted my arm and it cracked like an egg.
After numerous hospital visits and now at another, I finally realized that I if I don't leave him now, I will be just clutter.
This was my last visit to the hospital, one I can remember, but I can say was he was the winner. I died since I had no strength to prevail, now he's sitting in a jail cell.
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