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Not only your bodies
But even the souls merge,
Minds come closer thoughts are alike,
There exists true love.

The intercourse of our glances,
Has made my heart pregnant,
I feel the foetus of love wobbling in around the womb of my heart,
Love aches its a sweet pain.

If time the flying machine is hurrying
Be patient and show no regrets.
For, we were playing hide and seek.
What love means to you is nothing more than a word to me.

My worse fear came true
When I saw his throat slit and sew.
His rib bones broken and turned black and blue,
His eyes were half closed and nose bled too.

I was lost in a human high -way
With a callous heart,
Gales of fate questioned me
What is life?


Death the tranquiliser
Frees us from all ties of kinship and bonds of love,
It is a relief to the departed and grief to the parted.
Although, the body lies like withered leaf or blighted flower.

I reside in a harem called insecurity,
With shattered dreams and petrified pains as my sole property.
I lack fortitude to break the tedium of solitude,
Still I weave sweet dreams in an empty case and laugh at this life,

Life the four letter word
Four hours play,
In this your
Child-hood was in innocence

No flower nor bee to promiscuous shoot,
No garden to blossom with its forbidden fruits.
No wealth to aggrandize but it is ego's to sacrifice,
No temptation but affection.

She the girl in
torn out skirt,
worn out shoes,
in broken walls with broken heart.

Autumn of youth demands for spring,
Insomniac nights are tired of intoxicating wine.
Hey, virtual lover-boy
Hey, priced possession of some sacred heart

When I was in my pensive and melancholy mood;
Wandering, alone tortured by solitude.
Spring the queen of seasons was stretching her wings
In her green arms was this beautiful daffodil,

In a foreign land
I heard the ocean roar to the mountain in anger and pain
And the mountain indeed withstanding,
the ceaseless beating element,

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True Love

Not only your bodies
But even the souls merge,
Minds come closer thoughts are alike,
There exists true love.
Smile and welcome some one into your life,
Who loves virtue more than beauty.

Make promises to,
Share and care
Avoid and guide,
Convince and console,
embrace and eradicate each others pain.
There exist true love.

As days and nights in nature,
There may be joy and sorrow,
But never deceive nor depart.
Walk hand-in hand.
There exist true love.

Your old age may come
With experience and maturity.
Body may grow feebler,
But love grows stronger.
There exist true love.

Thy death may knock your door,
Mortal bodies may collapse
One may rest in tranquil slumber and another in departed grief
But their lover remains eternal
There exist true love.

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