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With an absolute pleasure
I introduce to you
My shadow

Millions Of years have passed
With these eyes witnessed
Love, Conflict, Chaos
Peace and War.

Brought up

It’s not love
I like being around you
Just a small space of my heart’s reserved
For you. Holding on to the pieces of memory

Nothing has ever been easy
For the creator, for the nature
For great men and the loving women
For birds who fly those miles

Unsure, unconscious as I
Lay of your love
A sudden emotion sweeps it all
Should you not realize that

Misty, cold, dark
Walking on unknown path
All alone
With crumbled self

Is it?

It’s been while I haven’t missed my breath
My heart’s pumping love

Through the fits of resentment
The cloud of feelings
The management of love
Through indifference

Our country is raging over maggi row
With broken trust
And bitter tongue
With heavy hearts and suspicion

Where Love Could Reside

When you cuddled me around
And I squeezed into your space

I have nothing to judge
Nothing to hide
Hold on to me
I don’t misguide

In the glory of life
All pervading self
Never calming ego
Think I forgot

The image that awed my heart
Ferocious body, comforting eyes
Unforgiving manifestation to the sinners
Both, within and with out

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To My Shadow

With an absolute pleasure
I introduce to you
My shadow

My shadow
Was born with Light
Eagerly it had waited
To receive me on this earth
With delight

All embracing, all revealing
It was just there
In the womb of Dark
Born out of light
My Best Friend
Waiting patiently for all years
Of my arrival

As child it never left me alone
My mother might have once
But I was accompanied by my shadow
Everywhere thence

My shadow
Reminds me that I AM
On sunny days and windy nights
Holding my hand
Brings me to light
Of truth
Unleashing the test of time

My shadow is my Hero
Even when I turn zero
It is my God
Never leaves me alone, in Dark
Even when I’ve chosen one
A friend by all seasons, my shadow
Never fails me. For no reasons

Tomorrow, I am assured
As I dismiss myself from light
And I will cease to be
My shadow, in my grave
Once again, will wait for me

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Love is the highest moral.

Life is agony. Love heals it.

If you make Learning your Religion, you'll never have to defend it.

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Purnima Manhas Popularity

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