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In a dilemma
I touched a touchstone and it melted therein; sailing love and tears away.

Am i not adult enough
to have the portrait life-size? then what's of
metamorphosis if nothing changes at all
and all that retrieves to itself?

rebuild your relationship
or rearrange it
you are not a shut dream or
a closed corridor;

Why you are in a hurry? tears still not full and heavy, the sunset has not painted the skyline red;
no whisperings i hear of the
approaching dusk,
this night is luminous while

i made a digging
and placed my body and soul under the veil of a luminous darkness
in the close vicinity of eternal care;
this is the place which i have had always thought of most the time but the least that i could have known ever of it;

A fallen
with the hind legs spread
inviting the transgressors.

unlocking many
a truth.

No choice.

Nor a preference -

If prayer houses are
safer not
What places are safer then?
When chambers close down


frozen words melting

Love it or not
but i am to live with it,
In a place between joy and sorrow
i accommodate myself;

Each house is a volcano
live or dead,
gushing out lava red,
panic is the name for white blood cells;

A tree stands upright
its roots finely chopped off
the sun is setting.

heart bleeding red
fairies in white blooming fast.

Life unpunctuated
errors--a plenty,
Welcome! Late learning!

i fill up the blanks with the words like action,
it is silent with no apparent sound effect, sometime little doings and small steps are enough;
dreams winging as light as autumn clouds in the virtuous sky convey the soul to the enormous space;
the language of heart is universal and it speaks in silence carrying messages in pulsation caught in a pulse

there are many underlying facts in the course of a situation
and also hidden truth that cannot be explained;
you express it in silence or
suffer as self annihilation

the usual vocabulary
with the same syntax perpetual and
with infective phrases and the same narratives;

Highways do not sleep
and keep awake all the night
with tremendous feat;
with intermittent sleep and awake, i move to and fro and

Clouds wandering
to the wonders of skyline,
touching almost nothing!

Quaid-Uz- Zaman Biography

Retired college teacher.Lives at Jamalpur, Bangladesh.He has published two books of poetry and he writes both online and in print media.)

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In a dilemma
I touched a touchstone and it melted therein; sailing love and tears away.

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A failed city has no respect for its dwellers.

I always keep myself away from a running truck and a patrolling police.

some people are more contagious than a covid virus and you need to wear a novel mask. Immunity may not always function properly.

growing older does not mean growing wiser.

'each lock has its own key; each fingerprint a distinctive one.'

you can not stop a dog from barking unless it stops by itself.

too much knowledge is dangerous and many things are kept in secret.

too much knowledge is dangerous and many things are kept in secret.

just feel your heart and do accordingly and the rest - a success.

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