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The Smile Of The Adversary

As bright as the morning star
The smile of the adversary
With the teeth of a twinkling star
Like no blood beneath, ne’er scary

Missing Memories

The memories of my early days
Become as green leaves
Of the dew morning
Whenever I behold

The Red Note

As little as its value
Without grace or honour
Oblivion to the poor
And a door mat to the rich

Who'll Speak For Us?

So long have we been laboring
Too tight have we been stretched
Sharing the fate of Job
As we’re always denied the fruit of our labour

Cape Coast, My Paradise

Cape Coast, Cape Coast
Where I belong
A Paradise I dream never to leave
As long as the sand calms the wrath of the tides

Quame Boatmann Quotes

23 September 2015

'Nothing is beautiful than observing nature, the society and weaving words into lines, lines into stanzas, to express your deepest feelings and views of life'

14 October 2015

A man without weakness has no passion. what you love is your weakness.

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Quame Boatmann, was born and bred at Cape Coast, Central Region, Ghana. He loves visual art works especially canvas paintings and has done many paintings which he gives out as gifts to people who are special to him. Maxwell took interest in writing whiles in year three at High School after his encounter with Joshua Nkoom, who was the 'young poet' a ...

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