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1. Ode 2 A$ap Quentin 12/5/2013
Best Poem of QUENTIN AsAP

Ode 2 A$ap Quentin

They call him big Quentin
Always pimpin
He’ll smack your bitch up so hard shell be limpin
When he buys kush he aint scrimpin
He’ll go apeshit on you, like hes chimpin
Quentin plays LOL
But if you call Him a$ap hell go 4 ur balls
Face on the keyboard is how he rolls
What a troll
Ill give him my jacket if hes cold
Quentin and mr stone are like 2 peas in a pod
Quentin is jealous of all top ams in cod
If you want to see a rockin bod
Go see Quentin, the gamerz nexus mod

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