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i wanna
touch god
where he lives
if it's silence

It is
Twenty-two below zero
Has been for two days.

When did my thirst for anything
Beautiful, collapse
Turn dry and cynical?

I have a bitterness that runs
Deep. when Jesus cursed
The fig tree, it
Gave nothing sweet.

worked in this hospice
and when we took

dear robert,
you are so very right,
the woods are

what will i do when i find out later on
that the poetry
that keeps me
holding on

it was decided
that we should discuss
my border-line

Through the brightness of black bows
Through the avenues of bright flowers
Through alleys of garbage day trash cans
I walked my dog through the late night.


she asked you for a happy poem

I'd Like to Fall in Love One More Time

I'd like to fall
In love, one more time.

Everything for granted taken
never considering a sparrows
fall. in a world too busy too fast
for consideration we've lost

There are days when I

like my blue-eyed boy

This dark night is
A night for brooding
And I will brood
As I look at the clouds

every woman
a rosary bead
all the same
yet all the different prayer

This morning
While I was
Walking the dog,
A birdy in a short

This morning
I saw St. Catherine
On the corner the street
Not in religious ecstasy

Everything was held together by
Duct tape, rusty nails and good luck.
It was only forty acres and we rented it all out

the evangelist slipped
fell broke his hip.

he was scheduled to go

we bought two picture books that day
one brown one red
the covers in faux leather

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English major dropout. Writing off and on for 30yrs. bibliophile. Earliest influence was Robert Frost and Carl Sandburg. Eventually wandered into Beat and Li Po- Han Shan territory. Now I am back to Robert Frost and poets like Robert Lowell and Frederick Seidel, and Bill Holm, and Jim Harrison. as well as the poetry of Reynolds Price, who is my favorite writer, though my style is more Bukowski rather than anyone else. I also am a great lover of Ezra Pounds's work as well as Pasternak and other Russian poets. Also I think that Jane Kenyon is one of the greatest poets ever. Write now I am doing readings as well as looking to publish a chap book. the 'M' and 'SP' to whom many of my poems are dedicated takes on the roles of muse and friend. Favorite poems: Quaker Graveyard in Nantucket, Having it out with Melancholy, Take Something Like a Star. the Cantos, and Ash Wednesday and all of Joseph Brodsky's Christmas poems.)

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I Wanna Touch God

i wanna
touch god
where he lives
if it's silence
or vibration.

i wanna reach
out to see
if he is real.
like when you
skin a knee
or break a beer
bottle on the side
walk and hear it

i wanna smell god
like the sun when it's
hot and yellow.

i wanna see god
like emptiness.
that rainbow moment
when something means something:
when the east is pitchblack
and the western sky
is just right.
like a rainbow.

i wanna touch god
feel him
like bactine in
a cut.
i wanna feel him,
strong as loneliness.

i wanna feel god
like when i hurt.
when i see something
like that dead crow yesterday...
like roadkill...
like when that true love one died,
the one that haunt's my dreams...
the one i really DID love.
the one i haven't gotten over yet.

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debaroni 05 June 2018

r James is a good guy, I'm married to him thanks 4 reading his stuff :)

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