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I am one of those who write in journals knowing,
somewhere inside, that we really want someone to
read this. Not blatantly, but somehow, some
way, we want someone to know. Why else would we

Comprendre La Vitesse

when you live your life too quickly,
you react as in a daze-

Growing Up

A high-water mark in the process of growing up
is the dread realization that the world is not
cut and dried anymore.
A child sees the world from

Love Song For Toccoa

at the top of the hill, near the college, last night,
was a beautiful yellow-gold moon
it was painted in place, with the soft touch of brush-strokes
like contrails across the night sky


It would not be a violation of my will
If You were to take me now.
Just consume me; end this
Constant struggle to be

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Likes: French operas on NPR
Dislikes: Artificial grape flavoring
Laughs At: 'Dangerous' 6-year-olds
Pulls Her Hair Out When Sitting Next To: People who make annoying tapping noises during recitals
Makes Money By: Babysitting twin boys and their ridiculous brother
Endures: Dogs who bark during nap time
Is In Love With: Statuette ...

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