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The Rain Knocks On My Window

The rain knocks on my window,
In the middle of an abysmal sleep.
Dreams shattered and broken,
I wake up again and not the first.

Birds In The Sky

Birds fly,
Birds fly.
So up in the sky,
And when they fly they look so small.

I Cannot Speak For I Have Lost Words.

I cannot speak for I have lost words,
For you have changed & I am left bewildered.

I cannot walk for I have lost hope,

Hope - A Solicit Sight

Everyday a new beginning,
A hope for a change,
A hope that lights up the soul;
Wanting to vicissitude ways

Doom Making It's Way.

I can feel terror.
I can feel doom making it's way.
In a few hours it will be time.
Though it's long but we all know,

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Angelina Jele 18 September 2013

Love your poetry Keep going

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Raabia Tabassum 06 July 2013

Please dont mind the popular poems down. You can read the newest poems or you can check by date from the poems side. The other poems which have childish titles or even have something really crazy were written by me when i was in class 3rd and all that. You can check by date when the poems were submitted and understand cause those poems are really funny: D - - - Raabia

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Salwa Arif 05 September 2012

Nice poems Raabia....keep writing :)

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Mariam Hani 26 March 2009

this poem is very meaningful and keep on writing like this poem

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An Ambivert with a constant habit of over-analyzing situations.

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