Rachael LoudFingers

Rachael LoudFingers Poems

1. Fool's Temporary Rumble 6/23/2009
2. Tired Of Oatmeal 6/25/2009
3. Repeated Regrets 9/21/2009
4. Foolish Lookers 9/21/2009
5. Walking Funhouses 9/30/2009
6. Parallel 9/30/2009
7. Aged Apple 9/30/2009
8. Mikolka (Nick) 11/2/2009
9. Til' The Soul Goes On 11/20/2009
10. Curses 11/21/2009
11. Love Does Not Age 3/11/2010
12. Until The End Of Time 3/25/2010
13. Failed Success 4/26/2010
14. Fall 11/24/2010
15. Present 11/24/2010
16. Desperate Sex 2/10/2011
17. Enter The Devil's Playground 3/20/2008
18. Sing To Me 6/7/2008
19. Not Found In A Man's Love 10/22/2008
20. Yellow Kiss 10/22/2008
21. The Bad Thing 10/22/2008
22. Acceptance 10/22/2008
23. The Forgotten 12/12/2008
24. Army Boy 4/8/2009
25. Beautifully Silent 4/8/2009
26. Sacrificial Happiness 4/28/2011
27. Home Sweet Home 4/28/2011
28. Dead Uncle Earl 4/28/2011
29. Falling Asleep In Class 4/27/2009
30. Favored Sibling 2/15/2011
31. The Light Grows And Grows 5/24/2009
32. I Miss 9/21/2008
33. Rotting Existance 3/20/2008
34. The Window Won'T Always Be Foggy 3/19/2008
35. Digging A Hole 11/5/2008
36. Jungle Boy 5/20/2009
Best Poem of Rachael LoudFingers

The Window Won'T Always Be Foggy

There is a girl that weeps
She detests her unbalanced life
She's confused of who to keep
She ponders at who is right
Is there a man out there
That truly has passion for who she is?
Is there a man that dares
To let her heart inside of his?
The girl gazes out the bleary window
Watching the tears descent from the sky
The girl is complicated she knows
But there has to be one that doesn't wave her goodbye
She opens her eyes and gains some durability
She won't let her impractical spirit
corrupt her angelic heart's tranquilty
She will keep that light ...

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Sing To Me

The purple sky reflects off the water
As I sink my fingertips into the damp dirt
Peaceful ducks kiss themselves
As they dip their beaks in the cold pond
Deer graze on the other face of the hill
Fear and alertness imprinted on their eyes
Branches dance in the calm soothing wind
As the trees glisten in the comforting sun
Obnoxious ravens cry to eachother

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