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Hey everyone my names Rachael.
As you can blatently tell, writing is something I find comforting when I have overhwhelming thoughts and or feelings.
I had a friend once tell me that keeping your beautiful thoughts from open ears is not humble, but selfish.
So here I am letting out all I have, and there is quite a big chance I do not know you.

So take in what goes through my mind.
And tell me what goes through yours when
your read my words.

Enjoy! !

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Jungle Boy

Ventures through the wild
He halts sharply
Gazes into the beauty awhile
profiles the grandfather trees
'What magnificence this is here! '
The boy pronounces with glee
'It is all so free, so clear! '
His curiosity rises to a high degree

Quietly, its eyes evolve into a deadly smile
Body positions itself low to the grass
The creature smells him within miles
Paws begin to hunt, adrenalin pumps fast

The boy continues on, unknowingly,
This adventure will be his last

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Rachael LoudFingers Popularity

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