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Rachael Swiss Poems

1. Pools 10/6/2007
2. Causalgia 10/6/2007
3. Villain Elle 10/6/2007
4. I Pick At Scabs 10/6/2007
5. Regret: A Loathsome Lonely Torture 10/6/2007
6. Spoon 10/6/2007
7. The Dog And Pony Show 10/6/2007
8. For Da Vinci 10/6/2007
9. Fire And Water 10/6/2007
10. Ode To The Passive-Aggressive Insecure Interloper I Met This Evening 10/6/2007
11. My Margarita Tastes Like Regret 10/6/2007
12. Happening 10/6/2007
13. Gypsy Queen 10/6/2007
14. In Sickness 10/6/2007
15. Is This Love? 10/6/2007
16. One For The Road 10/6/2007
17. The Buses Are Just Modern Runways For Hipsters 10/6/2007
18. Black Widow Mourning 10/6/2007
19. The Prophylactic Heart 10/6/2007
20. Nocturnal Omissions 10/6/2007
21. Sometimes I Dream In Silhouettes 10/6/2007
22. Karmic Retribution 10/6/2007
23. An Average Anomaly 10/6/2007
24. Flight To Hong Kong 10/6/2007
25. Pickles For Breakfast 10/15/2007
26. Demon Spawn 1/10/2008
27. Jet Powered Penguins 1/19/2008
28. En…ton…ces… 2/8/2008
29. The Shadow Puppet 4/21/2008
30. The Execution 10/6/2007
31. Harlem At 125th Street 10/6/2007
32. Poem For A Non-Religious Gospel Speaking Choir Of One 10/6/2007
33. The Lion And The Unicorn 10/6/2007

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Best Poem of Rachael Swiss

The Lion And The Unicorn

Real men don't cry
Or write poetry
But you did, and I made you
I stood frozen as an ice sculpture
Some frivolously expensive item kept solid
Hours of labor for the enjoyment of a moment
I watched in horror when you cracked.

My mirror image
So fragile
Thousands of tiny fragments falling from your eyes
Where mine were hard and cold
My reflection grew distorted
Dispersed into my frigid lap
Returning to the womb perhaps
But Narcissus drowned within his pool.

The difference between self-love
And self-loathing
A negligible time span of seven...

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Harlem At 125th Street

Live corpses wander littered sidewalks
Shoeless, legless, toothless and tired
The refuse of a city built on broken promises.
Pregnancy runs rampant - a self-perpetuating disease
Along with 9a.m. alcoholism
And prison tattoo battle scars.
Rap music blares from an old boombox,
An antiquated relic spouting unrealized dreams.
Homeless and jobless soldiers of misfortune

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