Rachel Henley

Rookie (1st October 1994 / Wales)

Rachel Henley Poems

1. This Heaven I Am Dreaming Of 10/2/2011
2. Navigate My Heart 10/2/2011
3. This Heart Knows Pain 10/2/2011
4. Shoot For The Benefit Of Man 10/2/2011
5. Loves Extinction 10/2/2011
6. The Difference 10/2/2011
7. Your Faith 10/3/2011
8. The Lovers Curse 10/3/2011
9. Companion Confession 10/3/2011
10. Rust 10/7/2011
11. All My Woe 10/9/2011
12. The Things That Make Me Miss You 10/9/2011
13. The Burden Of Myself 10/9/2011
14. Whats Human About This Race? 10/9/2011
15. Plea 10/9/2011
16. Greatest Love You'D Ever Known 10/12/2011
17. Old Man Woes 10/16/2011
18. Love 10/16/2011
19. The Forgotten Men And Their Mines 11/8/2011
20. How I Nearly Went 11/8/2011
21. Diligo Of Viaticus/The Love Of Money 11/19/2011
22. X32 12/3/2011
23. Fog Above The Ocean 12/13/2011
24. Staring Into The Barrel 12/16/2011
25. A Violent Flourish Of Love 12/24/2011
26. Fairytale's Read Aloud 12/30/2011
27. Inexpressible 12/30/2011
28. I Call This Home, I Call This Prison 1/1/2012
29. The Bird And The Water. 1/21/2012
30. Hopeless Hope 1/31/2012
31. Mocking Distance 10/2/2011
32. Without Your Direction 11/6/2011
33. Red, Amber, Green. 3/2/2012
34. Cobweb Collector 3/4/2012
35. Worth While 3/19/2012
36. I Know That 3/29/2012
37. Sometimes, Never, Someday. 4/5/2012
38. Trouble In Paradise 4/15/2012
39. Arguments And Affection 4/21/2012
40. Droplet 5/10/2012
Best Poem of Rachel Henley

Basking In Solitude

There are no thoughts I share,
My woes that are entirely my own.
I suffer from loneliness,
and it shakes me to the bone.
No matter how deep the love,
Or how strong the bond,
I feel there is no place for me,
No place where I belong.

This will destroy everything I love,
But before Everything I love destroys me,
I bask in solitude like a comforting shade,
Protecting me from the affection I crave.
Hurt? Woe? Are all thats left for me to show.
Past Lovers? People I have not yet let go.
Will this define me?
I will never know.

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Navigate My Heart

you are the pulse, that races through my blood and bones.
You have made me human and vulnerable, where i once was stone.
once i thought i was destined to be alone,
and upon finding you, i have found my home.

they cast eyes that do not know or comprehend,
that our love is just a beginning, without an end.
judgements that have been declared with an ignorant mind,
look inside me for regret, and regret is something you shall not find.

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