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15. Who I Am 5/31/2012
16. Pi (3.14) 5/22/2012
Best Poem of Rachel Mac

Pi (3.14)

No one gives pi much thought.
Even after it has been dutifully taught.
The numerical pi goes on forever,
Like the swish of a baseball,
Flying through outer space.

Three point one four,
For some it's a bore,
But NOT to me.
The transcendental number is the code,
To unlocking the perfect memory.

Math it involves,
Area and circumference of circles, it solves.
Pi never repeats itself,
Pi is smarter than that,
That is a fact.

Twenty-two over seven is the equivalent fraction.
But to me that fraction is a distraction.
I prefer the...

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A Lesson Of Love

The red string connects you,
Holds you together.
To the other person, it attaches,
Acting as a tether.
Soul mates forever,
The string can never snap.

Love is stronger than hate
It does not tear.

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