Rachelle Firman Poems

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I Love You

Everybody's always trying to be kind
I think throughout my life I've lost my mind
I don't know what to do
I don't really have anyone to turn to


It kills me to see you with another girl
Because bby for you I would steal a pearl
I would jump in front of a train for you
All I ever wanted was for you to say 'I Love You Too'


I don't have any marks yet my body is filled with pain
I'm not crazy yet they call me insane
I can't feel love yet they call me a lover
I can't fly yet they say my problems hover

Dream World

! In my sleep I dream of a place where happiness is all around
Where laughter is a common sound
Where smiles have their true place
And everyone has their perfect space

All I Ever Wanted

The sun shines for everyone but me
I'm everything but what I want to be
All of my dreams are coming true
But for who


If only you saw how much I admire
The one that beholds everything I desire
A magnificent person they are for sure
But yet a main cause for all the pain I endure


Although I know you were not aware
I still do think that it is fair
I have the right to know who you are
I know it might sound bizarre

I'M Tired

I'm tired of everything you say
I'm tired of everytime you walk away
I'm tired of everytime you call me awhore
Really what is there to live for


Why do drops of rain
Always turn into crying and pain
Why do I feel I've been treated unfair
I'm tired of all the lying and despair


God you wipe away my tears
You take away my fears
God you gave us life
You give us a reason not to stab ourselfs with a knife

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