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I am afraid
Someone will steal my treasure
Then I realise they can't
As no one knows

You are bewitched
I am enchanted
Your influence upon me is so magical
That I have eyes and ears for no other

Why did life turn out the way it did
Why did we make the choices that we did
Why did I stop calling you when I did
Why didn't you seek me harder when you did

You have given me so much
In such a short time...
I keep all the precious moments
Of our shared time

There's a place in my heart
Where I have you all to myself
I have touched you a million times
I can kiss you

Sitting by my window
Looking out at the landscape
I see all the signs of winter-
Bare trees

Two souls, close together, yet apart
Feel no distance between them;
For they are in a beautiful unnamed relationship
Though it can be called divine love.

As I watch the golden sunset
That marks the end of another day
I feel the promise of a new day
And a new beginning

Why dream dreams
Which cannot come true,
Why hope for something that cannot be?
I should learn to face my reality

I look at your face as we talk
The face I cannot touch with my hands
I follow the outlines of your features
With my eyes

As I walk towards the mirage
I stumble upon an oasis
Just a small patch of green
In the desert of my life

I wonder if I'm alive
Or is this Heaven?
A feeling of contentment and peace
Pervades my senses

And when this is over
There will be open skies
And free spirits
I do not think

We've all been hurt
One way or another
At some time or the other
Physically or mentally

Where are the flowers I loved so,
Where did their charm and beauty go?
Where is the moon that once smiled at me,
As I stood under the dark trees?

You are not the cloud
That brings us rain
Then passes on to another land...
You are not the breeze

When I talk to you
I fall silent
Not because I have nothing to say
But because I am listening

You say
You're right next to me
But you're not
Because I don't find your hand when I reach out

Is this for real?
Are you for real and truly exist,
Or are you merely a figment of my fertile imagination?
Does our love actually exist

Even more complicated
Than a woman's mind
Is her heart
But you have unravelled

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I Am Afraid

I am afraid
Someone will steal my treasure
Then I realise they can't
As no one knows
What I hold
So close to my heart

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