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For My Brothers

John Coltrain, cheap boxed wine, stars melting on heart strings that fall down from the sky.
So here comes your drugs they are clouding your heart. Then there goes your world you are falling apart.
Ground lying and wondering where this will lead. You missed that tomorrow, you wouldn't take heed. I saw you when standing and I saw you fall,
I reached out my hand and yelled out my empty call.

The Ones On The Streets

I was human once and it looked a lot like you.
Hopes, dreams, and bathrooms.
Surprisingly easy how that all slips away.
Hunkered in alleys, cops chasing when you left your leg to piss.

They Get Riled So Easily

All stirred up by the words that come out on these pages.
These thoughts are best left to staunch women
Who sit happily under a repressive veil of undetermined class.

Managing My Free Time Until We Meet

I have been aching and craving
Was watching as the clock ticked by.

I've been rallying

What The Little Ones Do For Me..........

Bright shining little eyes
Messy little toes
Dirty little fingers
With a snotty little nose.

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I like to write. I like to love people. I like to love life. That means the good and the bad. Some days I enjoy the dark side a little more. That is to say the darkness in my actions and in others. For the most part the light is where I stay but what is good and bad is all objective. You may think my light is dark and my dark whimsical.

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