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The Lady of Lake

Thy wore silky brown-blows and a rose,
And walked with covered cotton sari in crowded street,

The Elegy on Death of My Favorite Cat

On Feb 14th of stark-naked night,
My lovely cat hovered under time-wheel site,


History is a dark and deep layer of pain, perfume of sins,
Loudly laughed at stone rascals names, by you and me;

Nature, thou name teacher-
Teach me, silence & patience forever,
Thy silence is but pure peace;
But silent breeze broke at beach,

My First Journey in Valleys

O! My friends and foes,
Listen mine woes,

A Cloudless-Sky in Eye
Oh Almighty, shut the door of hell,
Just beat the chain of being’s bell;

The world seems hasty and nasty,
When thy holds not peace and prosperous.
The world seems helter-skelter,
When thy dare not to hold rest.

I prayer to thee, my lord,
Walk with me a few yards;
He left thee a greed glory
Shall I turn his joy into gory?

A Path Maker Fakir.

Let you dance before stop my breadth,
My mother and my love’s love.

Miss. Helen, the Beauty of Crabs

Shall I compare thee crystal eyes of the earth?
Shall I adore thee Venus’ perfume of the birth?

Why I Love Thee a Lot

I love thee a lot,
When I so hot.

sss… sss…sss…ssss…ssssSS…
Wonder, it’s so cool at noon,
Wonder, it’s so hot at midnight…sss
Yeah, wonder, the world seems wonder…sss…ssss…sssss

The delight of thou fair
Is a light of the day-

The Rain and the Earth

Every nature is our teacher,
Let us learn to keep silence & nurture;

Sweet air and water


Round is one,
One is rune-
Run ever &ever
Give it up, mother,

Birth is rare!
That is too swear,
My hamlet is there
Calm & peace

Pain is poison,
Poison is death,
Death is dark,
Dark is sleep,

I ought to make GOOD green-shed;
Let live with wild, play with mild.
Thunder-tongue, lighting-sight makes me mute,
The busy sky is not yet tear &lay,

Raghavendra Nayak Biography

Raghavendra Nayak was born in 1987, October 29 at Sirwar, Maniv, Karnataka state. He was the eldest son of Sharanappa Dinne and Yallamma Dinne. He Has one younger brother, Shivakumar Nayak and Younger sister, Shilpa Nayak. He has studied primary education in native place, Under Graduation in Kuvempu University, Shivamoga with first class merit in 2007-08. He has also completed Bachelor of Education in Gulbarga University with Distinction in 2008-09. In 2010-12, he studied Master of Arts in English, passed with Distinction, in Central University of Karnatak(CUK) , Gulbarga. At present he is a full time Research Scholar in Department of English Under Dr. Lakhimai Mili in Pondicherry Central University, Puducherry. His research area is Ecology and Literature. And also known-structuralism, post structuralism, ecocriticism, Indian English Writing, poetry and novels teaching. He has one year teaching experience(between 2009-10) as English lecturer in Basaweshwara Degree College, Sirwar, Manvi, Karnataka state. He has attended and presented papers in national and international conferences on various fields in Calcutta, Chennai, Puducherry etc... He has written many poems- Ode to a Tungabhadra, A Scarecrow, A Clowdless Sky, Mirage, The Rainy, A Path Maker Fakir etc...He has also Written many articles on various areas.)

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The Lady Of Lake

The Lady of Lake

Thy wore silky brown-blows and a rose,
And walked with covered cotton sari in crowded street,
Languish and silence on crafted lips, but
Floated untagged hair here and there, and where
My rosy lips and thou cheeks rose and rose as a rose,
Thy clarity centers on chest, bright like diamond bracelets,
My inconstant mind and handsome hands trembled,
Eyes lighten; words thunder around the heart.
Thy silence beauty ever departed not, but quite in air
And light with day, dark with night;
Who she is- the singer of silence.

Undoubted day’s departed ever
And never made alone in the banquet with gods,
Let me stay on and forward for eternal lore,
Thy light of love lighten in darken day,
And ever distance destiny divide not with thee, until finish ore;
I would shine as large as leaves of twigs,
Then thou beat the pain against heavy wind,
Thy story may tell back and forth as an eagle angel,
When love is out of intention and expectation;
Where it share pain and pleasure forever and ever,
Who she is – the princess of perfume.

Thy walk as pure as crystal clear of streams,
And shines like a star in couple color of sky at night,
My lady of lake laughs throughout seasons,
But there is no reason for love, for care, for bear,
Where my love sweeps not, weeps not, only joy left.
Thy care and bare, stay me back at temple fair,
Who she is- the lady of lake.

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