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Twisted Reality

Twisted mind, is absorbing my existence
Taking with it every heat in my soul
Remaining with a fragile heart
And an unclosed chest hole


As I sit in this dark room
With nothing around but cruel coldness

I rise my lighter up and burn my dunhill
To make it the only thing shining in emptiness

Demons Of Me

Demons of my room collected the bits,
Even they were screaming from the slits
And I keep looking for what it fits,
Nothing define me like deserted spirits

Strucked By Ownself

Tell me,
Can I be an aid?
All I did was stare at the shelf

Intertwined Authenticity

Whomever they are,

They'd make the assumptions of mere depression

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Hopping one day people will run away to my world for the sake of escaping this drab one.

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